UGC Incentive Program

IMIKI UGC Incentive Program

IMIKI welcomes you to share your experiences, insights, and stories with our smart wearables. Whether it’s a user testimonial, a how-to guide, or a memorable moment with IMIKI, we’re eager to hear from you.

Submit your articles directly on or share them on your preferred platforms. Your unique voice adds depth and perspective to the IMIKI community. Top contributions will be showcased on our official website and social media channels, offering you a stage to spotlight your expertise.

By sharing, you’re not just voicing your journey – you’re enhancing the overall IMIKI user experience. Let’s shape a vibrant community together. Interested? Here’s how to get started:

About UGC Incentive Program

Program Time

The submission opportunity with IMIKI remains in effect indefinitely, unless an official notice from IMIKI indicates otherwise.

Content Guideline

Share your thoughts on a specific IMIKI product, your overall IMIKI journey, or its positive impact on your life. Just keep it IMIKI-centric.

Content Requirements

Minimum of 500 words or provide a video. Content must be original. Pairing text with images enhances review acceptance. Please refrain from political or religious content.

Contributor Rewards

Submit an approved article or video and receive a free IMIKI product sample of your choice for review. Interested in paid promotions? Reach out to discuss details.

Who Can Participate In This Program?

For Professional Writers: Submit your IMIKI-focused articles or videos directly to external platforms. We’re here to equip you with additional information and resources. We aim for a mutually beneficial collaboration, offering you expanded creative freedom and support. Should you have queries, email us detailing your current affiliations and expectations.

For Loyal Customers: No writing experience? No worries! As a cherished IMIKI customer, you can directly send your articles or videos to our email. After our review and approval, it’ll be featured on

Where to Submit

Feel free to send your submissions to Alternatively, you’re welcome to choose any other platform you prefer. We’re excited to see your work!

We Know What You Care About

Your Priorities, Our Commitment:
Expect feedback within three business days, irrespective of article approval.
To recognize your contributions, we’ve rolled out a bi-monthly honor ranking. Your frequency of submissions determines your spot—more articles mean a higher rank.

What’s Showcased in the Ranking?
It features the article title and your name. Should you wish for anonymity, a pseudonym works. Optionally, we can link your name to your social media or website, bolstering your personal brand.

Additional Guidelines:

Originality: Ensure both text and images are authentic creations and don’t breach any intellectual or proprietary rights.

Rights & Permissions: By joining this program, you acknowledge IMIKI’s right (including those acting on IMIKI’s behalf) to utilize your contributions for promotional purposes across all media, current or future. This can be done without additional remuneration, notification, or your approval, within legal bounds.

Privacy Concerns: Entries adhere to the privacy policy available on the IMIKI website. To clarify:

We’ll maintain the confidentiality of participants’ personal details.
Emails provided will solely be for award-related communication.
Future promotions might feature your submissions but will exclude personal identifiers.
Final Say: All event interpretations rest with the organizer, and participants must abide by the stipulated guidelines.

Feel Free to Ask Anything

The IMIKI UGC Incentive Program is a community-driven initiative that rewards our customers and small influencers for creating and sharing original content featuring our smartwatches and earbuds. By participating, you get the chance to showcase your creativity, gain exposure within our community, and enjoy perks such as discounts, free products, or even commissions on sales generated through your content.

Everyone who is enthusiastic about IMIKI wearables! Whether you’re a current customer, a tech-savvy content creator, or a small influencer with a passion for the latest gadgets, you’re welcome to join. All you need is to own an IMIKI product and have a public social media profile or a blog where you can share your content.

Joining is simple:

  1. Register through the UGC Incentive Program section on our website.
  2. Upon approval, create original content with your IMIKI smartwatch or earbuds.
  3. Share your content on social media or your blog, tagging @IMIKIwearables and using the hashtag #IMIKICreators.
  4. Submit links to your content via our program portal for review.

Content requirements include high-quality images or videos that clearly show the product and reflect a positive and authentic use-case scenario. Creativity, originality, and adherence to our brand values will enhance your chances of reaping the best rewards.

Benefits include:

  • Exclusive discounts on future purchases.
  • Free IMIKI products for top performers.
  • Commission on sales generated through a unique affiliate link or discount code provided to you.
  • Featured spots on our official social media channels and website, boosting your visibility.

Rewards are determined by the quality, creativity, and engagement levels of your content, as well as the frequency of your contributions. We track affiliate link usage and engagement metrics to ensure fair and generous compensation for your efforts.

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