Why Choose IMIKI

IMIKI has elevated countless partners to prominence in the wearable and fashion accessory industry.

Reliable & High-Quality Products

Certified with CE, MSDS, WEEE, and RoHS, our smartwatches and earbuds undergo rigorous testing to ensure top-tier reliability. With IMIKI, trust isn’t just a word; it’s our standard. Choose quality. Choose IMIKI.

IMIKI Certifications


Testing of IMIKI Wearable Products

Quality assured: 40 rigorous tests for IMIKI wearable before distribution.

Environmental Testing

Life Cycle Testing

Mechanical Testing

Surface Craftsmanship Testing

Accessory Testing

Airtightness Testing


Boost profits with IMIKI smartwatches & earbuds

Benefits for IMIKI Distributors

Boost profits with IMIKI wearables, it’s time to work with us!

Expanding Your Product Portfolio

Add IMIKI to your lineup and offer customers trendsetting choices. Broaden your range, and elevate your sales.

Competitive Price & Margin

Offer top-tier wearables at competitive prices and enjoy attractive margins. Elevate your earnings effortlessly.

Consistent Product Rollout

Benefit from 10-20 new launches annually. Keep your inventory vibrant and customers intrigued with IMIKI's consistent innovation.

Marketing & Promotion Support

Boost Sales with IMIKI's Backing. Benefit from our marketing expertise and tools. We're here to elevate your market presence.

Robust After-sales Support

IMIKI's Commitment Post-Purchase. Trust in our swift after-sales service, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Well-Established Brand

Reputation Meets Reliability with IMIKI. IMIKI's brand strength amplifies your business credibility.

Ask Us Anything

A: To become a distributor, please fill out our online application form. Once submitted, our team will review your information and reach out to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

A: The minimum order quantity for distributors is typically 500 pcs per model, but we can discuss flexible options for new partners.

A: Yes, we offer exclusive territories on a case-by-case basis depending on the market potential and the distributor’s capabilities.

A: We provide marketing materials, product training, and a dedicated account manager to support sales and operational success.

A: Distributors are encouraged to follow our suggested retail pricing but have the flexibility to adjust pricing to suit their local market conditions.

A: Yes, we offer a year warranty against manufacturing defects, alongside comprehensive customer service support.

A: We work with established logistics partners to offer reliable and efficient shipping solutions. Costs and delivery times vary by location.

A: We have a clear returns policy in place. Defective products can be returned to us for a replacement or credit note, subject to terms and conditions.

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